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Icons of fashion

Recognized fashionable icons of the 20th century and modern celebrities, who have similarity of faces or styles . Now we remember the most famous stars,but let`s try to find their modern copies, which repeat...

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Dreams of Scarlett

A pregnant Scarlett Johansson dreams about a wedding and has a new photo shoot.A well-known Hollywood star is Scarlett Johansson wants to marry and waits her first baby.She simply dreams about a happy family...

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Top 7 richest singers

A pop singer Madonna was called the richest acting and registering musicians of new time according to the company of Wealth-X.The company Wealth-X is engaged in an assessment of business assets and according to...

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Interesting relationship between Antonio Banderas and Sharon Stone

Antonio Banderas and Sharon Stone were very close the last few years.But now new sources say, that their friendship get a new level of relations.Antonio and his wife Melanie Griffith estranged lately.It seems as...

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First night of Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux: I need Jennifer so much at a first night. His girlfriend is Jennifer Aniston was with Justin on the red carpet and it helped him very much.A 42-year-old screenwriter and an actor...

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Shakira without make-up.

Shakira without make-up made “selfie” for her funs. The photo appeared in the network. It shows a perfect face of thirty-seven year old singer, despite the fact that she was without a scrap of...

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Amazing manicure of Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez struck her fans by original and chic manicure. Jennifer Lopez appeared with an interesting manicure in her last video “I Luh Ya Papi”,which attracted the attention of beauty bloggers around the world....

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The most anticipated gadgets in 2015.PartII

 Samsung Galaxy S6. The Samsung company wonderfully repeats Microsoft with their to do good devices. Korean giant did good articles with even numbers: Galaxy S2 is still one of the icons in the world...

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