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London Madame Tussauds will show “Star Wars”

In May a major exhibition devoted to the legendary saga “Star Wars” was opened in London’s Madame Tussauds. The exhibition features 16 heroes and villains from various episodes of “Star Wars” and creates 11...

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House Piaget restores clock on St. Mark’s Square in Venice

Piaget restores the mechanism driving the giant statues of the “Moors”, which beat the bell. It is reported by the press service of the brand Piaget. Above the clock tower two bronze statues of...

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Residence of Napoleon is on sale

Residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, which in 1800 was the headquarters of the commander at the Battle of Marengo, is on sale. It is reported by The Daily Mirror. Villa La Voglina was built in...

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“Aladdin City” will be built in Dubai

Erection of towers in the form of Aladdin’s lamp will start in 2016. In Dubai in 2016 construction of the “Aladdin City” will begin. The creators claim that the design of buildings is inspired...

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Everything about the dangers of the spring sun

The long-awaited spring sun rays can be deadly dangerous. Excess sunbathing frequently leads to neoplastic diseases of the skin. When people come to bask under the warm spring sun, they are less likely think...

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Happy Hours: 10 ways to be satisfied with your work

According to a study conducted in 142 countries, the vast majority of people are unhappy at work. If you do not agree with this situation, experts recommend starting with 10 simple steps. 1. Find...

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A better way to get around the city was invented for highly mobile and spontaneous people – the jumper. This is a device, which is put on the legs. Jumper allows you to move...

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Solarbike: bike with solar battery

Bike is definitely the most economical mode of transport, but just the constant pedaling can make you tired. Therefore, the new Solarbike is built on an electric motor that is powered by solar battery....

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