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Some interesting information about Penguins.

It is considered that penguins are very frost-resistant, and low temperature is indispensable condition of their dwelling. Actually among them there are also thermophilic ones. For example Galapagos pinguins live on the same islands....

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Children’s love

It’s difficult to imagine a good family without love. The beginning of the family is love between man and woman. And the result of love is child. And a child learns to love and...

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Wedding in the English style

It is well known that the English are proud of their nostalgic and dreamy gardens. The atmosphere of english gardens makes them a perfect place for a wedding. But not everyone has an English...

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Great rivers

Today, as well as a few hundred years ago, many scientists disagree which river is the longest in the world. Some think that Nile is the longest river, while others convince that the Amazon....

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Alpaca or llama?

Today we speak about alpaca. Alpaca is domestic cloven-hoofed animal. The alpaca looks like llama. In general, the first animal is bred for its valuable qualities coat. Llama is raised as  pack animal. At...

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Milla Jovovich decided to change her last name.

38-year-old actress expressed dissatisfaction with her own last name. And it happens not for the first time. The star of “The Fifth Element” and “Resident Evil” went to the law with a request to...

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Jungle cat.

The first mention of the jungle cat appeared in ancient Egypt more than 3 thousand years ago.  Two types of wild cats lived in the houses of the Egyptians – Felis lybica and Felis...

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Monica Bellucci and her style.

It’s hard to believe, but since childhood, Monica Bellucci dreamed to be a lawyer. Especially not enough money to pay for university and the young girl began to earn a model and at an...

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